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am i lame?

So im thinking of starting a webzine/magazine! arent i dork. Detroit Dog! New York has one but its a upscale fancy thing. Detroit's i want more industrial feeling, i think. Of course it will have some class and elegance, hehe but detroits more...dirty and smog.

My next step in production is finding out what people in detroit want to know about dogs. Detroit actually being michigan, with a focus on detroit. What type of articles should i have? I'm most excited about the photo shoots of people and their dogs. DUDE i can totally do a hospital workers and their dogs feature and have you guys! Monica if you dont have a dog you can borrow mine for pictures! muahaha! Included int he piece i can have the significance of therapy dogs and what not.

So if you chicas were to buy a local based dog magazine what would you expect to see in it? What would you want from it?

I'm thinking an obvious feature of Pet Police, and maybe interviews with them. The human society in detroit interviews, plus address of the others. Dog gormet,Trends, facts of inner city dog problems.

hm gimme some help ladies!

oh and monica im excited your commin to the party after the concert!
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