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i miss work with you two.

Dude guys, i'm so totally bumming. I don't know why! i dont feel like myself anymore lately! it blows. I dont know if the medicines i'm taking aren't working anymore or what. I wish i worked with you guys tonight. Either of you. I work with Tori =/ Who knows who else.

Anyone else ever noticed that working with deanna is like working alone? lol Not that she doesnt help when you ask, its just she isnt very personable. I guess noone can measure up to working with you two!

I've worked with mary from ICU alot lately, she's allright just old. old fashioned for everything. you know what she said to me? She thinks its gross that young girls nowadays shave their pubic hair. and that living together before your married is wrong. Just whoa.

well, i work tues/thurs/sat this week. I had no overtime on my check this time and i felt like i had been kicked in the junk! lol. 300 buck difference. /le sigh
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