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Monica! will you still work for me on halloween?!!??!! Mitch will switch i just have to get ahold of him again. That number in the book some chick answered and said 'mitchell doesnt live here.' i didnt even ask for mitchell =? anyways i sent him a note on myspace for his butt to call me.

Alex got the night off and i wanna passout candy and trick or treat! /pouts

Gimme whateva day!

i got your msg btw, i am sad jen is leavin tho! That beotch!

80 died tonight too btw. The korean lady. her chest was hurting and her heart rate was in the 30-40's so i went to get defib pads for her beside per dr. orders and she dropped to 29. We didn't get her back. I had to show Maria how to do post mortem care as well. Was weird to watch it all happen.

94 the etoh guy chewed through his damn tube on the iv. there was blood all over the bed rail. he didnt get the needle out though. he is posey and wrist tied. They dont think he's gonna come back. They think he may have drunk himself into brain damage.

anyways, gimme a call or actually i will see you tomorrow so either way!

the house is so not done >_
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