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so turns out i was supossa get fired. I thought my date was the 2nd but i guess its the 8th. So i had 3 absences in my 90 days. Barb put me on probation for 2 more months. no biggie i guess.

and WHY IS MONICA SAD? What is this!

my team tonight consists of 7 completes and one partial. thats right. I have 7 patients that are all messe up too. 1 in a halo 1 confused 1 vre, 1 c-diff and mrsa, 2 vre and mrsa, one amputee with gross wounds everywhere and in constant pain. all but uh 2 are q2 turns.

happy fuckin day! =) been allright so far tho cant wait till the end of the day. NOT

call me monica dun be sad! come play with the foster puppy she will make you happy!
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